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The most effective way to promote your Company in the Italian Market !



Visibility, the chance to be found by more potential buyers, is the ultimate key to your success.

SELL2ITALY gives you the most effective tool possible to gain higher visibility in this great marketplace which is visited monthly by literally thousands of Italian wholesale buyers and companies.

You can increasingly gain the attention of new prospects simply by taking advantage of our unbelievably low-cost advertising tools designed for SELL2ITALY :

  • Listing your company in additional Categories.

  • Highlighting your listing(s) in SELL2ITALY.

  • Placing attractive Banners on the top of the most visited pages.

Investing in marketing your company is the wisest choice to improve your business : join SELL2ITALY and choose from the many available advertising options at anytime!


When you join SELL2ITALY you automatically get a listing in one of the "Product Categories".

You may also acquire additional listings in more than one product Category for a modest fee.

The more Categories you are listed in, the higher the probability to be found by an Italian buyer!

After joining SELL2ITALY you will enter your personal "Control Panel" and be able to request listings in more categories. Join now and choose more product Categories to be listed in!


Because your company is not the ONLY listing, there will coninually be stiff competition from many other companies.

Being listed in SELL2ITALY will not only give you MANY more business opportunities in the rich Italian market, but will also give you even greater visibility and more opportunities simply by purchasing a Highlighted Listing for a modest fee.

A Highlighted Listing comes boxed in a colored frame demanding immediate attention from all of the Italian professionals browsing a search query or a product directory.

Remember to click the "Highlight" check box when joining SELL2ITALY !

SELL2ITALY offers you a standard banner placed in the top position of one or more product categories or at the very beginning of the Search results. Banners are accepted in standard size (468 x 60 pixels) and format, animated GIF (max. 14 Kb) or FLASH (max. 15 Kb).

Banners are sold for a flat monthly fee, at very competitive rates with the opportunity for even greater discounts when buying consecutive months. SELL2ITALY can also design attractive professional-looking banners at low prices.

Ask for more info about advertising with Banners in SELL2ITALY.

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