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The most effective way to promote your Company in the Italian Market !

Increase your Export Business to Italy with SELL2ITALY!
The only way to find new Italian Customers at low cost!

  • Increase your visibility towards thousands of Italian textile or fashion buyers, translated in the Italian language!

  • Introduce your company, your products or services to the Italian market easily, efficiently, quickly and at a low cost!

  • No huge investment is required to market or advertise your company. Just a modest fee to give you high visibility while dramatically increasing your business opportunities!

  • Low maintenance business at it's best! Simply manage the incoming requests from Italian prospects interested in buying your goods or services!

  • A guaranteed successful site, SELL2ITALY has been developed by the same team that created the highly acclaimed ItalianModa marketplace.
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    SELL2ITALY is an innovative acclaimed B2B marketplace devoted to international textile, clothing and service companies interested in exporting to Italy, while paying only a very modest one-time fee to hook up with this smart business opportunity.

    The marketplace allows your company to have an unprecedented high visibility towards thousands of Italian wholesale buyers and companies interested in importing goods and services from foreign manufacturers like you! Have a look at SELL2ITALY now.

    High visibility and significant sales leads come through positioning in the SELL2ITALY search engine, as well as in the comprehensive product directory, a mini WEB site (including a "Contact Request Form"), along with a "Request for Quotation" (RFQ) form.

    SELL2ITALY has been translated completely in the Italian language to help more Italian professional Buyers to quickly find the suppliers they are looking for. You supply your data in English language and it will be translated into Italian for inclusion into the marketplace. Everything included in the low fee required to join the Marketplace!

    SELL2ITALY is promoted in all Italian search engines and directories, as well as, through direct contacts to importers, buyers, companies and trade associations. It is the common meeting point between Italian textile or fashion importers, and international exporters. See a short Tour of SELL2ITALY.

    This marketplace is the best way for international companies of any sizes to get in touch with a huge amount of potential Italian customers while dramatically expanding their export base. Join SELL2ITALY in less than a minute!

  • Positioning in the SELL2ITALY Search Engine.

  • Inclusion in the SELL2ITALY Product Directory.

  • A professional 1-page WEB Site in the Italian language, including an information request form, full contact data and four pictures.

  • A continuous flow of select business requests coming from Italian Buyers.

    Is your company interested in acquiring new customers in Italy, but you have a very small marketing budget?

    Do you want to get the most out of your investments in marketing and promotion?

    Do you want to attract more and more business opportunities in the highly successful Italian market through a focused Italian-language business tool?

    Do you want to invest your money in talented professionals (the people managing the Sell2Italy Marketplace) with a proven track record in the Italian textile and fashion business-to-business market?

    If your answers are "Yes", then click on this link : join SELL2ITALY now!


    Joining the SELL2ITALY marketplace is an inexpensive investment, while delivering a highly profitable return.

    For as little as EUR 99.00 (special price. Regular price is 149.00 Euro), your company may join SELL2ITALY entitling you to all of the services listed above ! Join now by Credit Card and become visible to Italian buyers in just minutes!

    Compare the SELL2ITALY low Membership Fee with any marketing actions to get leads from Italian importers and realize how convenient it is! Any ideas about the cost of a trade shows or a business trip in Italy? Or even a direct marketing campaign?

    Where else you can find a marketing tool like this at a lower price? Don't let this business opportunity pass you by!

    Join now to the SELL2ITALY Marketplace and increase dramatically your export leads to Italy!

    Click the button below to pay the SELL2ITALY Membership Fee of 99.00 Euro (special price, offer expires soon!).
    If your country is not enabled to use the PayPal service, please contact us to learn about alternative ways to pay by Credit Card.

    Joining SELL2ITALY to increase your export opportunities to Italy is cheap, quick and easy!

    What you need :

  • A VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX or DINERS Credit Card to be used through the PayPal payment service to pay the low Membership fee of 99.00 Euro (special price, regular 149.00)

  • Full data about your company, including the Product Categories you are going to offer to wholesale Italian buyers, plus a short English summary of your company/product description.

  • A short yet comprehensive English-language description of your company, your products, your target customers and contact details, along with a brief overall comment. See the sample mini WEB site you'll get (text is in English for your convenience, but it will be translated into Italian by us, included in your membership fee) as a guide for the material you need to prepare.

  • Four JPEG format pictures of your best products. Maximum size : 200 x 230 pixels, max. 18 Kbytes each.

  • Just register your company, load your texts and images to create your mini WEB site from your own computer, then pay the fee by Credit Card to activate your presence in SELL2ITALY immediately! You'll be operative in a matter of minutes!

    Prepare your data, texts and images and Join now to SELL2ITALY!

    If you are interested in having even MORE exposure in SELL2ITALY, ask about our special banners or other sponsoring tools allowing you to generate even more leads : read our Advertising page.


    SELL2ITALY is managed by the same team that created ItalianModa, the leading Marketplace of Italian textile and fashion suppliers.

    The outstanding results and success experienced by ItalianModa.com (over 160,000 visitors a month) in the highly competitive arena of Business-to-Business marketplaces is a solid guarantee for all the partnering companies willing to find a reliable way to increase their visibility and business opportunities in the hard to reach yet wealthy Italian market.


    Joining a marketplace which generates little or no qualified traffic is a useless waste of time and money.

    SELL2ITALY is generating an ever-growing amount of professional visitors including retailers, importers, wholesalers, buying-offices, companies, retail chains and department stores. This traffic comes from :

    • Top positioning on all Italian major search engines and directories, as well as international ones.
    • Advertisiments in Italian textile and fashion magazines and exhibitions
    • Directly contacting possible visitors (through E-Mail, Fax and Mail campaigns)
    • Articles published in Italian newspapers and magazines
    • Partnerships and links with associations and other trading marketplaces (for example: ItalianModa)

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