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The most effective way to promote your Company in the Italian Market !



SELL2ITALY supplies your company with powerful marketing tools to allow Italian buyers to find and do business with you.

Your presence in the SELL2ITALY Marketplace is translated into the Italian language to help local buyers to more quickly and easily find what they are interested in.

You pay only a one time Annual Fee for these tools without paying additional commission on each individual deal you close.



The Marketing Tools You Get When You Join the Marketplace :

  • Positioning your company in the SELL2ITALY Search Engine : get separate listing with each keyword that relates to your products!

  • Positioning in the SELL2ITALY Directory : you will erceive a separate listing for each Product Category that best matches your product(s)!

  • A full 1-page Italian-language WEB site ("STOREFRONT") with four images, linked to your WEB site, with an information request form.
  • Additional options include :
    banner advertising, top positioning and highlighted positioning in the SELL2ITALY directories, and E-Mail marketing services.

    Read the Advertising Page for more info about optional Tools.


    The Marketplace offers a powerful Search Engine that allows Italian buyers to quickly find new international suppliers simply by entering one or more keywords.

    Results are returned with the company's basic information, with a button to jump directly to your STOREFRONT site in SELL2ITALY.

    The most recent companies joining the Marketplace will be given special positioning, along with a "NEW" icon to allow them to gain even greater visibility for a few days ... FREE!

    Everything will be translated into the Italian language: you provide the English texts, SELL2ITALY translates them for you at no additional cost

    In addition to your basic Listing you can have a Highlighted Listing for an additional modest fee, which gives you a boxed display to attract more attention to your company. See on the right for an example.

    The FASTEST and most EFFECTIVE step to being found by new Italian importers !


    When you join SELL2ITALY you will be asked for a short "profile" which best describes what you are offering to the Italian wholesale buyers. This profile along with other possibile options will be used by the SELL2ITALY Search Engine to position your company in the resulting queries.


    Listing in SELL2ITALY


    You will dramatically increase your chances of being found by an Italian customer by simply purchasing additional listings in other product categories: read more about how to do.


    The Marketplace features a standard Directory with many Categories covering virtually all Product and Service types in the Textile and Clothing industries.

    Italian buyers may enter a Category and receive a detailed listing of all the international suppliers offering that same Product or Service.


    When you join SELL2ITALY you will be asked for one Product Category which best describes your profile of offer. Your company will be listed in that same Category of the SELL2ITALY Directory.

    This is a WEB-standard Directory with commented Categories and sub-Categories : click here to see an example.

    Your company can permanently be in the top positions in the Category listings, get more links or have a highlighted presence see above for an example. One more opportunity to be contacted by new customers Read more about the SELL2ITALY positioning options.


    After your company's details are found through the SELL2ITALY Search Engine or Directory, each Italian buyer may click on the STOREFRONT button and visit your mini WEB site in the Marketplace.

    The STOREFRONT is a fantastic marketing tool to introduce your company and your products to the Italian importers and leading them to contact you directly.


    Storefront in SELL2ITALYAfter joining SELL2ITALY you will be asked to fill in a form with information texts about your company (company profile, summary of offer, main products, supply details, company data, and additional information), as well as four images of your choice.

    All of this data will be automatically processed to create your individual STOREFRONT in the SELL2ITALY marketplace. You enter the texts in English, and SELL2ITALY will translate it for you! The STOREFRONT also includes a link to your official WEB site, as well as a customized inquiry form, in which data will be delivered to your mailbox. See a sample STOREFRONT.


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