The Different Types Of SEO And How It Works 

The Different Types Of SEO And How It Works 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something most of us have heard here and there but don’t know what it exactly means right? So before we discuss the types of SEO, let’s discuss what SEO is. It is quite a vast topic and will take pages to explain in detail seo services pricing malaysia. So here I will give a brief description of what SEO is and the types of SEO.

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimisation is optimizing your page on the website, which is increasing the number of visitors by using certain keywords and phrases. It’s a marketing technique most companies use to make profits and to improve search engine ranking.

SEO can be divided into seven main types which are:

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White Hat SEO: The White Hat SEO is a tactic that is used to improve the search ranking on Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) This tactic is used to make sure the website of your company comes first but the terms and conditions are defined by Google. 

It’s quite an important tactic and risky at the same time as Google is a website that is visited by billions, if you do it right then your company will be well known among the users. But if the tactics are against the guidelines of Google then it may even lead to Google banning the website.

Grey Hat SEO: It is a technique that is riskier than White Hat SEO. It is using legal methods to improve your site ranking but are technically ambiguous that is, it may be legal now but have high chances of becoming illegal when the law changes, hence the risk.

Negative SEO: As the name suggests, it refers to using unethical techniques to undermine competitors ranking in search engines. It includes hacking the website, creating fake social pages, etc.

Black Hat SEO: The term “black hat” originated in western movies to distinguish the bad guys from the good guys who wore white hats. Here it refers to a set of practices that is to increase the sites ranking through hackers and virus creators

On-Page SEO (On-site SEO): It is the practice of optimizing web page content by optimizing title page, content, internal links, and URLs.

Off-Page SEO (Off-site SEO)

As the name suggests, it refers to the actions taken outside of your website to improve your ranks. This is accomplished by other places on the internet, linking to and promoting your website.

Technical SEO

It means technically improving your page by using JavaScript Index, linking, keyword research, and more.


So these are the main types of SEO that you commonly see. To conclude, Though the meanings are almost similar, they are known by different names. However, they all exist to fulfil the same goal, which is to increase the popularity of your website. If we begin to mention all the Seo benefits, it will take us days, and several articles to properly put them forth. But the above-mentioned ones were few of the most prominent ones. More thorough research and wise use of the Seo tactic will very conveniently enhance your business’ performance and give you your desired results, as it is a non-discriminating, low cost, popular and efficient method.

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